The RMA’s email address is changing

    17 July 2019, Archive

    The Risk Management Authority wish to notify our website users of a change to our email addresses.

    To support this change, we have provided advance notice to individuals and groups who regularly contact the RMA, so that they can make the necessary change to their records.

    The Risk Management Authority’s staff email addresses will change on the 2nd of August 2019.

    After this date, the RMA can no longer send emails from, or accept emails to, addresses ending in

    The RMA’s new email addresses will change to:
    Emails can be sent to the RMA using the new format straight away.

    If your organisation previously used GSI / GCSX addresses to send to, or receive secure emails from, the RMA and you have any queries regarding this message, please check with your I.T. department to ensure that you can communicate using the new address. Please note emails using will continue to send and receive securely in line with the UK Government’s secure email policy.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

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