Overview of Course

This is a training course developed by the RMA to support risk assessment and management practice with individuals who present a risk of serious harm.  It was designed to provide knowledge and confidence around the skills, principles and processes that should be evident when assessing and managing risk of serious harm.

This course is structured around a case study that supports trainees to produce an effective risk management plan.  It, therefore, builds skills in relation to risk assessment, formulation and risk management.

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This training is allocated based on consideration of the required provision across the 32 local authorities in Scotland.  In April every year the allocation process is considered and the number of spaces provided is based on:

  • The number of staff in that local authority
  • The numbers already trained, and
  • Scoping of required assessments

Assessment of Learning

To consider how effective training is at enhancing participants’ learning and confidence, we administer knowledge and confidence checks during our events.  Annually we produce a report that looks at participant’s short-term changes in learning and confidence.

Our Assessment of Learning report on the 2017-18 events is available below.

Download PDF


Training is also evaluated to consider how effective it is at supporting participant’s transfer of learning in to their job.  This review was first introduced in 2017-18 and involves evaluations of the risk management plans completed by attendees.  A measure is applied that provides a numerical rating for each component of the RMP, as well as providing a supportive mechanism to participants through the provision of feedback on the strengths and developmental points in the RMP.

The 2017-18 evaluation report is available below.

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