LS/CMI Working Group



The remit (objectives) of the LS/CMI Working Group is contained within the Terms of Reference which was originally agreed by all members in August 2016. These Terms of Reference were reviewed and agreed at the LS/CMI Working Group meeting on the 1st of May 2019.

The LS/CMI Working Group’s remit will include the following:

1. Review and agree the development of LS/CMI system, content and guidance including the Risk Management Planning form.

2. Review the management reporting function of the system for LS/CMI users to identify potential requirements for change, this will include manager/service manager, data analyst/information officer, Scottish Prison Service and Community Justice Scotland.

3. Review the custodial Business Process to identify potential requirements for change, this will include process, content and function, whilst taking account of the wider custodial process and current case management review.

4. Review and agree the development of LS/CMI Training including content and method.

5. Review reports generated by the custodial and community evaluations and make recommendations about any action as required (including policy and practice).

6. Developing the capacity and quality assurance methods to support LS/CMI practice.

7. Monitor the availability and delivery of LS/CMI Training and seek resolution from appropriate parties should issues arise.

8. Define, review and make decisions regarding change requests to further develop the LS/CMI IT method and system.

9. Represent LS/CMI senior users within the Change Board for the system as a whole.


The LS/CMI Working Group consists of representatives from Social Work Scotland, Scottish Prison Service, Scottish Government Community Justice, Community Justice Scotland, Care Inspectorate and the Risk Management Authority. The Chair rotates between SWS, SPS, RMA and Community Justice.


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