The Risk Management Authority has a primary focus on developing and supporting risk practice

    From assisting and providing guidance to practitioners who have undertaken training on the LS/CMI, to more specific and specialised training on assessing and managing those who present a risk of serious harm, the RMA is active in supporting practice.

    Often this involves responding to needs identified by partners, such as increasing practitioner confidence and competence in risk assessment and management processes. A notable success in this area is the development and delivery of The Fundamentals of Risk Practice training. The RMA developed this demanding course for criminal justice social workers to provide a grounding in the principles and processes that should be evident when assessing and managing risk of serious harm.

    Additionally, a police practice course was co-developed and delivered with Police Scotland to enhance understanding of community risk management.

    A further area in which we take a lead role is the application of risk assessment tools and research into their use – to this end the RMA developed the Risk Assessment Tools Evaluation Directory (RATED) to assist practitioners.


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