Standards and Guidelines for Risk Management

    5 September 2013, Archive

    The Standards and Guidelines for Risk Management are now available online and will become effective from 1st January 2014.

    The Standards and Guidelines for Risk Management articulate the level of assessment and management required to manage the ‘critical few’ individuals who present a considerable and on-going risk of serious harm to others. In addition, the document provides guidance for organisations and practitioners regarding the process associated with the preparation, implementation and review of a Risk Management Plan for individuals who are subject to an Order for Lifelong Restriction.

    This publication replaces the Risk Management Authority Standards and Guidelines: Risk Management of Offenders Subject to an Order for Lifelong Restriction from the 1 January 2014. There are a number of significant changes within this resource:

    • Standards are consistent with those in the Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation (FRAME)
    • Guidelines are provided on applying each standard in practice
    • Includes a clear process map on the preparation of a Risk Management Plan (RMP) and Annual Implementation Report (AIR)
    • Additional guidance on managing transitional periods is provided
    • Revised templates and guidance for RMPs and AIRs

    This document is the product of significant consultation with key partners within criminal justice. A summary of the consultation feedback is available here.

    A number of additional resources are available on the Standards and Guidelines section of the web-site. These include RMP and AIR templates, links to related literature, and information about how to access further advice and guidance.

    A Working Group has been established to take forward the review and on-going development of the standards and guidelines and to support their implementation. Questions or comments regarding the implementation of this document within your agency can be directed to members of the working group whose contact details are available here .

    We hope you find these resources useful and welcome your feedback.

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