RMA Newsletter: May 2021

    7 June 2021, Mailing List

    This month we're pleased to report that we've been making progress on our 2020-21 Strategic Objectives, including research on the OLR offence profiles, and considering the impact of the Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill 2021. We're currently recruiting for an OLR Case Worker to join the #RMAScot team, and over on the #RMAScot blog this month we're thrilled to introduce our two new RMA Board Members, Jim Farish and Dr Joe Judge!

    2021-22 Business Plan

    In March 2021, we published our ambitious 2020-21 Business Plan. Read on and visit our website to get more information on our key strategic objectives for the year, working to reduce the risk of serious harm and make Scotland safer.

    Development Team

    Our Development team are producing a series of research to better understand the pattern, nature and seriousness of OLR offending behaviour at the point of sentencing. This work will inform discussions around policy approach and service provision. With the Research Proposal for the first project approved, the team have proceeded to develop a coding framework and database, and data input is currently ongoing.

    Effective Practice Team

    In preparation for the new UK Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill 2021, the Effective Practice team are reviewing our rapid review of Counter-Terrorism literature relating to risk assessment and management. Working closely with stakeholders, this work will inform discussions around the assessment and management of Counter-Terrorism in the Scottish context. In March 2021, the RMA provided the Cabinet Secretary for Justice with information on implications of the Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill 2021 for the OLR.

    OLR Team

    Our OLR team are producing research to better understand the experience of individuals with an OLR who have been released into the community and recalled to custody. This work will address a gap in current research and inform discussions with Ministers around the OLR sentence. Recruitment of a Research Assistant to support the project began in May.

    RMA News

    Police Practice Course: Risk Awareness Training

    We completed the re-development of the Police Scotland Risk Practice Training Course to a one-day Risk Awareness Course to be delivered via MS Teams. In early April we delivered an internal pilot to RMA staff, followed by the delivery of the pilot with Police Scotland at the end of April. We’re in the process of reviewing learning outcomes and feedback from participants to inform plans for future delivery of courses. Keep your eyes peeled for our June blog, bringing more on the process of redeveloping the course, what it entailed, and the experience of delivery!

    LS/CMI Centralisation Project

    The Effective Practice team continue to conduct User Acceptance Testing which is due to conclude at the end of this month. We’ve worked with the LS/CMI centralisation project lead and provided feedback on data protection and governance, and the project has a target completion date of the end of October this year.

    RMA Blogs

    Meet the New Board Members

    In March 2021, the then Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf MSP, announced the appointment of Jim Farish and Dr Joe Judge as Members of the RMA Board. We’re delighted to welcome Jim and Joe to the #RMAScot team and took this opportunity to chat to them about what attracted them to the organisation, and their hopes for the future of the RMA.

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