The OLR became available to the high court in 2006. As of 31 March 2022, there are a total of 217 individuals with an OLR (active).

    Risk Assessment Orders and Orders for Lifelong Restriction

    This chart shows the number of Risk Assessment Orders instructed by the High Court since the introduction of the Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR).


    Note: The Risk Assessment Orders are not necessarily reflective of the conversion to Order for Lifelong Restriction imposed that year. For example, an RAO may be made in 2019-20 and the OLR imposed in 2020-21.

    Risk Management Plans and Annual Implementation Reports

    This chart shows the number of Risk Management Plans approved and Annual Implementation Reports reviewed by the RMA since the introduction of the OLR.

    OLR Distribution by Age Category

    The figure below provides a breakdown of the numbers of individuals subject to an OLR by age at time of receiving the sentence.

    Punishment Part

    The chart below shows the number of individuals subject to the OLR who have passed their punishment part expiry date associated with their OLR.

    Note: this figure is only reflective of Punishment Part Expiry (PPE) and does not account for prisoners who may still be in custody, not just bevause they have not progressed through the prison estate but because they have post-OLR sentence convictions which will further increase the length of time they require to stay in custody, and are not currently eligible for release regardless of PPE.

    Punishment Part

    When imposing an OLR, the judge must set a ‘punishment part’ of the OLR which is the minimum time the offender must spend in prison before being considered by the Parole Board for Scotland for release into the community. This chart shows the punishment part in months from 2006 – 2020.

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