Annual Reporting

The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 requires the Lead Authority to report annually to the RMA regarding the implementation of the plan.

Case managers advised that the process of completing an AIR was sometimes onerous and time consuming. Therefore the RMA have taken steps to make the process more efficient. It is recommended that to meet the requirements for the AIR, Lead Authorities submit the current, up-to-date copy of the RMP alongside a progress record.

The current version of the RMP should be updated to reflect minor changes such as updates to personnel or changes in the delivery or scheduling of risk management measures. This will ensure that the plan is reviewed on an annual basis and remains a dynamic document.

The progress record has been designed to sit alongside the RMP, and when submitted together with the RMP should meet the requirements of the AIR. It provides a means of tracking implementation and change against the risk and protective factors which were identified in the RMP and allows the Lead Authority to comment on implementation over the last year.

If, in reviewing the plan, the Lead Authority determines that the approved RMP is no longer suitable (owing to an actual or likely significant change), they must prepare an amended plan. Amended plans must be submitted to the RMA for evaluation and approval, but are distinct from plans which remains suitable but have been updated to support the preparation and submission of the AIR.

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