What is a Risk Management Plan?

A Risk Management Plan (RMP) will be prepared by the Lead Authority for every offender who is subject to an OLR. The RMP sets out an assessment of risk, the measures to be taken for the minimisation of risk and how such measures are to be co-ordinated. The plan includes assessment and analysis of factors that may increase or prevent re-offending and gives recommendations for action. It requires inter-agency and multi-disciplinary working. The Risk Assessment Report, prepared for the High Court prior to sentencing, should be developed into a detailed Risk Management Plan (RMP) by the Lead Authority.

Risk Management Plans

There are three circumstances in which the Lead Authority might submit an RMP to the RMA for approval:

  • The submission of an initial RMP once an OLR has been imposed
  • The submission of an amended plan in light of an actual or likely significant change
  • The submission of a revised plan in response to guidance or direction from the RMA

In addition, a copy of the current plan should be submitted to the RMA alongside the Annual Implementation Report, however, these plans do not need to be approved by the RMA, even where they contain minor amendments and updates.

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