A Risk Assessment Report (RAR) is the document prepared by an RMA accredited Risk Assessor to inform the High Court’s decision on whether an Order for Lifelong Restriction should be imposed.

The RAR is a detailed report on the risk that a convicted person may present to the safety of the public at large. The assessor has to include their opinion on whether the risk that the offender presents is high, medium or low, with regard to the RMA published Standards and Guidelines for Risk Assessment

The assessor may, in preparing the RAR take into account not only any previous convictions of the convicted person but also any allegation information that the person has engaged in criminal behaviour (whether or not that behaviour resulted in prosecution and acquittal).

The RMA Accredited Assessor will submit their RAR to the Principal Clerk of Justiciary who shall send a copy to the prosecutor and the convicted person.

The convicted person may, during the period of his detention at the place specified in the RAO, himself instruct the preparation of a risk assessment report. If such a report is prepared, the person who prepares it is to submit the report to the Principal Clerk of Justiciary who shall send a copy to the prosecutor.

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