LS/CMI In Practice: Custodial and Risk of Serious Harm Reports

    14 September 2018, Research, LS/CMI, Archive

    The latest in a series of LS/CMI In Practice reports have been published today – one on the use of the LS/CMI in custody and another on risk of serious harm assessments applied in the community.

    The Custodial Report provides a broad analysis of information from the use of the LS/CMI within a custodial setting in Scotland and draws upon aggregated data provided by all prison based Criminal Justice Social Work Services in October 2016.

    The Risk of Serious Harm Report draws on aggregated data provided by Criminal Justice Social Work Services across Scotland between 2010 and April 2015 and provides a profile of individuals assessed within the community who met the criteria for further risk of serious harm assessment. Further, it provides a comparison of those assessed as high or very high risk of serious harm against those assessed as low or medium risk of serious harm.

    Both reports are available here.


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