Invitation to tender

    9 December 2013, Archive

    The Risk Management Authority (RMA) is seeking to establish a small pool of suitably qualified and experienced individuals to provide clinical support to Scottish criminal justice social work practitioners and managers on the delivery of a sex offender programme.

    The Scottish Government has sponsored the development of an intervention programme for sex offenders, ‘Moving Forward, Making Changes’ (MFMC), for delivery by the Scottish Prison Service and Local Authority Criminal Justice Services. The programme is the first to be accredited by the newly established Scottish Accreditation Panel for Offender Rehabilitation.

    The Scottish Government has sought the RMA’s assistance in the provision of a number of supports to the community delivery of this programme, including: implementation and quality assurance project management; research and the provision of clinical support.

    The RMA is now issuing an invitation to tender in respect of the provision of clinical support to the treatment managers and practitioners involved in the delivery of this programme in the community. Our aim is to establish a small pool of suitably qualified individuals to provide this service.

    Please click here to download full details of the invitation to tender and how to apply.

    Tenderer(s) should inform the RMA by e-mail, telephone or in writing that they intend to submit a tender by 13 December 2013, and completed tenders must be submitted by Noon 27 December 2013.

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